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Dreadlocks can be created with many different techniques. At Hype Hair Studio, our team use the Dread Perm Method. Your Dreadlocks can be personalized to the thickness you desire.


Basically a Dreadlock is a knot. At Hype, our technicians achieve this by backcombing & teasing your hair. Your Dreadlocks at first may feel a little light & fluffy. Dreadlocks can vary from 3 to 8 months to mature, depending on your hair texture & thickness.


Dreadlocks are very tricky to un-do & normally will need to be cut out, so make sure your choice is definite. Are you a Dread - Head?


A few tips to help tighten & smooth out your Dreadlocks:

  • Shampoo your Dreads once a week with a clarifying shampoo that leaves no residue. Do not apply any type of conditioning products to your Dreadlocks, as this will cause your Dreads to loosen.
  • Drying your Dreadlocks is very important. Towel-dry your Dreads so that they are not dripping wet. Be sure to squeeze out as much access water as possible. Leaving Dreadlocks wet may cause your hair to smell & mildew to form.
  • It is important to apply wax to your Dreadlocks whist they are maturing. This application is very simple. Apply a small amount of wax onto your palms. Grab a Dread & roll your hands back & forth. This method is called Palm Rolling.
  • Swimming in Chlorine and salt water wont hurt your Dreads; in fact salt water will help your Dreadlocks lock in faster.



Between 2 to 4 months you will need to return to the salon to Re-Dread your re-growth. This will only be a short process. Our technicians will individually loop each Dreadlock to form a knot, which will leave your Dreads looking neat & tidy.